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A text adventure by     Tuli Litvak     +     Eleanor Turnbull    , made with  quite a lot of help from Lewis Tizley   +   Anton Ivlev < 3


 Initially created for the     Ai mi Taga  digital exhibition space

best played on computer :)

Click the garden gate to play

The Garden is a text-led art adventure. Choose your path or let The Garden lead you through performance and moving image works devised in Tuli and Eleanor’s locked-down worlds. 


Here, social interaction, self-care and nostalgia for the outdoors collapse into a garish and grassy URL. It might be dark at times or even creepy, but amongst the dead ends lies humour, and a warm fuzzy feeling as the Garden sinks you into its endless loops and rituals.

Eleanor Turnbull (b.1992 Co. Durham) lives and works in Cornwall, UK. She uses sculpture and blogging to animate the lonely landscapes around her. She grapples with social communication as life switches between URL and IRL, between human and non-human subjects. Eleanor is currently completing her MFA in Fine Art at The Slade School of Fine Art. 

Tuli-Gal Litvak (b.1991 La Ceiba) lives and works in London, UK. She uses performance, video and sculpture to explore ordinary psychogeographies. In her recent garden series, domestic-agricultural tools are weaponized, before transforming into absurdist instruments of therapy and self-care. Grooming rituals usually practiced within the walls of urban businesses now reappear, dislocated within the natural environment. Viewed together, a phantasmagorical sequence emerges which channels the anxiety of an age of looming ecological catastrophe into the micro landscape of an ordinary backyard.

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